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These days understanding, knowing and making and reading of horoscopes by computer and understanding the planetary combination in one’s horoscope can only be superficial but its serious and subtle interpretation is possible only by a long experienced astrologer who has deep experience about auspicious and inauspicious yogas located in the birth chart of a person.

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  • A computer software never be replace the human individual analysing and interpreting your chart. So you can directly consult with an well known astrologer Harshraj Solanki by telephonic/Skype or you can fill up the contact form at jivansar.com and ask desirable question. You will get proper satisfactory solution to your queries and unravel the mysteries of your future!!!

    Panacea remedies are given to you and additional advices are given to you during consultation.

  • A good physician treats the disease; the great astrologer treats the planet then prevent from the disease.

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Pregnancy Issues

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Pitra Dhosh Analysis

why is making of kundli necessary? What is the benefit of this?
  • By making horoscopes on time, one can take advantage of the opportunity by knowing the good or bad time to come into your life, because several time in life, a person regrets it after the good opportunities are out of hand.
  • By creating a birth chart, a person can get better personality development by knowing deeply about himself.
  • Creating a horoscope helps a person to choose his or her job, profession, career and education, along with it helps a lot to improve it further by reducing future obstacles.
  • Boys or girls wishing for an Arrange Marriage or Love marriage are helpful in getting to know each other more by horoscope matching and this can also reduce the difficulties in marriage.
  • By knowing about various Doshas like Manglik Dosha, Gana Dosha, Nadi Dosha, Bhakuta Dosha or other Dosha by Kundali matching, life can be made more harmonious and favorable by diagnosing it.
  • Health benefits can be obtained by identifying and diagnosing diseases by making the horoscope.
  • Girls or women can easily get to know about their future husband or lover, children and future events by getting their horoscope made and analyzing it deeply.
  • Many times in life, unknown fear, accident, always being surrounded by obstacles that cannot be understood without reason, the instability of money, etc.These may be the cause of Shani Dhaiya or Shani Sathasati,Kalsarp Dosha,Pitra Dosha,Angark Dosha or any other dosha.Due to which it has been a hindrance in the progress of your life, due to this, by making the horoscope and analyzing it deeply, diagnosing its defects and reducing the obstacles in your life and create prosperity.

By experienced astrologer and Vastu vid Harsharaj Solanki, reduce the bad effect of various afflicted planets is done by worshiping method like chanting of Bija Mantras,Yantra,Tantric Totkas,Ratna and by various rituals. You can also get Pran Pratisthit Ratna,Yantra and Rudraksha from here.

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