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Angarak Yog Analysis

Mars is a fiery planet.Mars rules Aries and Scorpio sign and it gets exalted in Capricorn sign. Mars represents high energy, will-power, self-confidence, self-control and courage. Well-placed Mars empowers the native to achieve his goal. Afflicted Mars creates unnecessary anger, makes native stubborn. It represents destruction and create imbalance of energy. Afflicted Mars also shows,how we express our anger or temper. Mars makes one strong-headed as well as hot-headed. It's good or bad effects is depend upon its placement. Other hand Rahu is shadowy planet. Rahu possesses a basic Mercurial nature. It can be seen from its rulership of Gemini and Virgo, the sign that Rahu feels most comfortable in. Rahu is exalted in Gemini and it makes a person very shrewd. The native’s wit and presence of mind is very high it also gives capacity of deep thinking. It is also significator of intellect in much the same way mercury is, but the different is that Rahu has to do more with intuitive part of the intellect instead of the calculative, informative, discriminative part as well. That is why when Rahu works through its higher principle can be seen as the higher aspect of Mercury which relates to real knowledge and their ability to look through illusions.

Angarak yoga makes when Rahu and Mars conjunction in any house in the kundali. Angarak yoga is both auspicious and inauspicious according to their Placement in different house and different sign. This conjunction produces abundant mental or physical energy such natives have never short of energies.When Mars and Rahu combined together tremendous energy is generated. In the term of affliction the native may involve in illegal and criminal activities. According to the placement its negative aspects is frequent and unnecessary anger, aggressiveness and lack of sensitivity. This is more likely to be the case when this conjunction takes place in signs like Aries, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Capricorn. In its positive aspects,it gives one strength to stand up against injustice,brave warrior,benefit for the society,high level of Patriotism. How much intensity of angarak yog gives bad or good results, it will be done known by deep analysing of the native horoscope. Yet, I will be discussing here some of the the combination in the particular house for knowledge purpose.

When this yoga is formed in the first house or ascendant then the native is short-tempered, aggressive and stubborn in nature.He/she may be quarrelsome and reacts immediately without much consider.There is always strange fear in the native's mind.

When this yoga is occured in the 6th house, the native faces many problems from the enemy and by the opponents. Court cases can also keep creating troubles. Due to this placement, the natives is courageous and virulent and also a good competitioner.

If this combination is placed in the forth house it will help one gain property,give a keen psychological insight, but create troubles for or from the mother or mother may be sick most of the time and disturb native’s inner peace.

If this dosha formed in the 7th house native will have taunting and aggressive tone which can be lead to unhappy married life. The native’s nature will be violent and short-tempered.

If this yoga is formed in the horoscope of a woman,her marriage life was worsens.The planet Mars is represent husband and happy marital life in the women's horoscope so if mars is afflicted from Rahu the female native faces problems to keep maintain happy and stable married life.

By the conjunction of Rahu and Mangal causes health related problem like acidity,high blood pressure,having weak muscles or muscles related problem,problems related to circulating of blood(because planet ‘Mars’ also represent blood).Once in life the surgery is done by this yoga.Accident may occur due to fire and electric.

Lal Kitab is an extra-ordinary astrological treatise which has special insights into the functioning of Rahu and Mars. it also contains many effective remedical measures for different placement of Rahu and Mangal in the chart.Below are some general remedies for Rahu as well as mars.which seems to work quite well in my experience -

अंगारक स्तोत्र विनोयग- अस्य श्री अंगारकस्तोत्रस्य विरूपांगिरस ऋषिः अग्निर्देवता गायत्रीच्छंदः भौमप्रीत्यर्थं जपे विनोयगः।

(हाथ में जल लेकर विनियोग कर ले फिर उस जल को भूमि पर छोड़ दें फिर आगे का दिया हुआ स्त्रोत का पाठ करें)

अंगारकः शक्तिधरो लोहितांगो धरासुतः। कुमारो मंगलो भौमो महाकायो धनप्रदः ॥१॥
ऋणहर्ता दृष्टिकर्ता रोगकृत् रोगनाशनः। विद्युत्प्रभो व्रणकरः कामदो धनहृत् कुजः ॥२॥
सामगानप्रियो रक्तवस्त्रो रक्तायतेक्षणः। लोहितो रक्तवर्णश्च सर्वकर्मावबोधकः ॥३॥
रक्तमाल्यधरो हेमकुण्डली ग्रहनायकः। नामान्येतानि भौमस्य यः पठेत् सततं नरः॥४॥
ऋणं तस्य च दौर्भाग्यं दारिद्र्यं च विनश्यति। धनं प्राप्नोति विपुलं स्त्रियं चैव मनोरमाम् ॥५॥
वंशोद्योतकरं पुत्रं लभते नात्र संशयः । योऽर्चयेदह्नि भौमस्य मङ्गलं बहुपुष्पकैः। सर्वं नश्यति पीडा च तस्य ग्रहकृता ध्रुवम् ॥६॥

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