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Gemstones have a special significance in vedic astrology. All gemstone are important in astrology as all are related to their particular planets. It depend on one’s horoscope that which gems is essential for the native. All gemstone have their own importance by their chemical properties. Most of the gemstone are considered as the birthstone of particular planet and some are used to overcome the bad effect and dosha from one’s birth chart. To alleviate the native bad effects and improve and enhance. Certain good qualities improve and enhance in the wearer. A gemstone hold the capacity to absorb the negative radiation and unfavorable influence of the related planet. Wearing gemstone for planetary relieved. These days prevalence is growing rapidly. The people who are holding gems according to their horoscope are benefiting them in every aspect of life. Progress in business, education illness etc.

According to the vedic astrology nine planet represent the nine special gemstone as Ruby represent the sun. pearl for the moon, coral for mars, emerald for the Mercury, Yellow Sapphire for the Jupiter, Diamond for venus Blue Sapphire for the Saturn , Hessonite for the Rahu and cat’s eye for the ketu. Its necessary to know about the gemstone which gives good or bad effects according to one’s horoscope, otherwise in the case of opposition , that can also do harm rather than benefic so consult an experience astrology before wear them.

There are substitute of gemstone instead of nine main gems stone. One can also wear substitute of gemstones. These are cheap as well as less effective. Main gemstone gives effect for long time. However substitute of gemstone gives effects for short time.

There are description of planets and there main as well as substitutes -

Sun -

Ruby is the most costly gemstone worn for sun. Tamadi, Laldi, Turmali and Garnet is the substitue of Ruby .To wear Ruby reduces the problem from eye defect, bone, headache , indigestion ,fever etc. It is benefice to wear in copper or gold in the ring finger.

Moon -

Pearl is main gemstone of moon. This gemstone influence over blood heart and mind. It increases the self-confidence of the wearer and enhance wearer mental power moon stone is the substitute of pearl. Pearl should be wear in silver in the little finger.

Mars -

Coral is main gemstone of Mars. This gemstone has most effective in healing aliment like anemia, general debility, weakness, body injury , inflammation, cough and cold. This gemstone rules over blood. Through use of this gemstone several blood related disease is cured. It is effective to wear in brass or gold in the ring finger.

Mercury -

Emerald is a precious gemstone of green color. It is also known as Panna. It is worn for Mercury and allowed cold green radiation to be absorb by the wearer enabling him to have perfect control of nervous system and intestinal portion , kidney ,tissues. Emerald gemstone is specially recommended for businessman , writer and student having weak IQ. Green Bairuj, onex, Margaj etc are substitutes for Emerald.It should be wear in silver in the little finger.

Jupiter -

This is an expensive gemstone of Jupiter and it is yellow in color. It increases self confidence, decision making, capacity, righteousness ,piety and truthfulness of the wearer. Yellow Sapphire is also best for the spiritual motivation, yoga meditation and religious preaching. Yellow Sapphire is main gemstone of Jupiter. Topaz, Yellow Bairuj , Sunhala etc are substitutes of Yellow Sapphire. It is effective to wear in brass or gold in the index finger.

Venus -

Diamond is well known as the hardest natural substance, and that is the properties that makes it a desirable gems. A diamond ring will not be scratched even after decades of wear ,generally it is white in color. It is worn for venus. Wearer experience good for all around financial prosperity and happiness. This is the most glamorous gemstone. Jerkan , American diamond and Opal are substitutes of diamond. It is beneficial to wear in silver in the ring finger.

Saturn -

Blue Sapphire is main gemstone of Saturn. Neeli, Blue Topaz, Lajwart, Sodelight are substitutes of Sapphire. It is effective to wear in silver with iron ring in the middle ring finger but Blue Sapphire recommendation should be made with caution, without taking advice or consult with a experience astrology wearing Blue sapphire can lead to accidents, health problem and full from one’s current good position.

Rahu -

The major shadow planet Rahu is represented by the gemstone Hessonite Granite (Gomed ). Hessonite gemstone color is like Cow’s Urine . It is a gemstone used to reduced the evil effect of Rahu . wearer can experience the great advantage for aliments such as gastric and acidity. It helps to reduce the hurdle of life and also win court cases. It should be won in particularly during Rahu Dasha.

Ketu -

Cat’s eye (Lehsunia) gemstone is highly recommended for these who do not have well placed ketu in their natal chat. Its band of reflected light across the middle looks like the eye of a cat the that is the reason its named Cat’s eye. Ketu is known as the redeemer of souls and therefore a Moksha – Karka, it is also increases psychic abilities to its wearer.

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