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Vastu Analysis 'The Science of Habitation'

Vastu is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘vas’ means “to dwell”. In the modern age, the present society gives more importance and very much appreciate to the utilise of the science of the Vastu Shastra in their construction of the house,building ,shop, office or Industrial complex .Vastu Shastra is applicable not only in India but also all over the world and all vastu principle remain the same. It is above the religion, caste and creed. Vastu Shastra is secular like any other science. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science where describes how to eliminating negative energies and enhancing positive energies.The right implementation of Vastu Shastra can create a balance between the home, building structures , the five elements and the universe.Five natural elements are earth, water , Sun, fire, air and space. These elements produces different energy and impact on our body so Vastu is a medium to attract positive energy.

House is a shelter consisting of walls, Floors, doors ,Windows, roofs furniture etc. A perfect home is that in which one’s family enjoy all the happiness affection and cordial relationship with each other and feels ease and comfort and Indulge hobbies and dream. If we built a house or building according to the principle of vastu shastra can make the environment of home more pleasure and less bitter. The importance of Vastu Shastra is to add harmony among the dwellers, the nature and the environment. ""The effect of vastu for men and women are different because men and women have different energies level hence Vastu will act or affect men and women in the same house in a different way"".

Our life is multidimensional and its governed by many factors as Fate, Karma, our surroundings, position of planet in horoscope and Vastu of the place where we live and work. In addition, Vastu Shastra has its own significance and importance. This science is also related to Astrology suppose there is a person having very good astrological chart and he is living in a bad Vastu house then he still faces financial regarding problem, uneasiness of mind and tense environment of the house. Similarly, if a person has bad astrological chart and lives in a good Vastu house then the native feels calm and energetic environment around him or her and capable to face daily life struggles and obstacles. This is the main vital reason dwelling in a building which is not according to Vastu Shastra principles can lead to Physical illness or Mental uneasiness ,the environment of the house may be full of tense and surrounded by negative energy.

As per the ancient Vastu Shastra, its main task/work is to bring the energy from the different direction into the circle or in the fixed dimension and increase it because the different directions belongs to different elements and planets which produces different levels of energy by every direction as instance Fire elements (Agni) in South-East direction and Venus rules this the direction so this direction is the best suitable for kitchen. The ruler of the North-West direction is Moon .Hence any vastu defects or dosa regarding North waste direction can lead to mental tension,quarrel with neighbours,Court cases etc.If there is no vastu defect then it brings prosperity peacefulness of mind and good relationship with neighbours.

The ruler of the South-West direction is Rahu. Hence this corner brings sudden gain, financial stability, reduce hurdles in life, if there is Vastu defects in this corner all above results gives opposite and the dweller is habituate of alcohol, extra marital affairs and imprisonment in some cases.

This means that if various section and activities related to Vastu Shastra’s principal to construct every section of house, building, office, shop and Industrial complex then it increases that particular energy avoid eil effects and make the environment of very suitable.

The sizes of rooms are also vary according to the direction, the room in North and East of the house should be bigger than the room in West and South of the house. Choose of colour on the wall and room through painting section is also very important specially for the Student and Pooja room to concentrate and relaxation of the mind.

There is also various type of vastu principle and remedies to avoid or reduce the defect of vastu. According to my experience and knowledge, I have kept some facts in front of you so consult to remove your vastu dosha and get best results.

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