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Sex Rape with Astrological Aspects

जिस जगह प्रिय हमारे हो गए | पत्थरों के देश प्यारे हो गए ||
आँखों में ही अभिनन्दन हुआ | बातो बातो में ही आलिंगन हुआ | पी गई अधरा अधर मीरा जहर | यह अपावन तन तभी चन्दन हुआ ||
जन्मो जन्मो के अटूट बंधन न्यारे हो गए | पत्थरो के देश प्यारे हो गए ||

Where does sex begin? Why is it so perverted in Indian society, and whose moral responsibility is it to prevent its perversion by rising above the controversy of profanity?

Love or sex is a human being or other organisms’ essential symptom. Love and sex begin with self-love/narcissism. Attraction and loving instinct in themselves are found in everyone right from the beginning of boyhood and it is an indispensable trait in every human being that is bound by natural law (Law of Nature) it is impossible to hide. Self-love/narcissism, which is called Narcissism in English, is the first attraction towards oneself. Scientifically, self-love emerges in adolescence due to the harmonic changes of the body, which is considered the beginning of sex. Due to the harmonic changes in the body, self-loving women are seen more than men, only then it is said that "A man only sees a mirror and a woman finds herself in the mirror".

Whatever the energy is, if it remains in a balanced state, then by using it in the desired manner, one can get pleasing results, but when this energy takes a distorted form then it becomes a curse for a particular person.” Sex energy is similar to other forms of energy ! It has the capability to change your life’s direction".

Man is a social animal and in order to fulfil his physical, mental and spiritual needs, he also has to walk according to the law of nature. Nature has its own separate system which applies equally to the whole earth but man has Each society has its own social and cultural system, so each society has its own separate legal system, which has a unique identity in itself, just as western society has its own separate system and feature, there are more materialism and openness, more of the west. Spirituality is confined to the prayers of the Church and Indian society incorporates its unique identity and code of ethos and imparting various philosophies of life, balancing spiritual life and nature, and leads mankind to progress. If the system is unbalanced, whether it is socially or physically it only gives rise to disorder and dissociation.

The evolution of the spiritual world is not possible without a male-female union. The creation was created on the basis of this union; in various religions, it is distinguished from Purusha-Prakriti (Shiva-nature) Manu-Shraddha, Adam-Eve. In Indian society, the decent form of this union was established as a marriage institution. And the woman was given a respectable place in society as respected as goddess. As a result of this honour, today, the woman is moving out of the boundary wall and crossing her border and establishing an equal identity to the man... Should go ahead, but due to special circumstances very often, the woman gives the name of a malevolent character, rapist, to protect herself without taking a full observation of the situation, it is not only the court/law but also the people of the society are well aware. The pertinent question is, is today's woman who is parallel to men really so ignorant as to be deceived by prolonged sex or exploitation? It is also possible that she is taunting it under some advantage Woven! After accusing a man, if the woman turns hostile in the court for any reason, then even after release, who will pay the compensation for the mental and social torture that the man and his family will face? Such cases keep coming up every day, due to which many cases of rape are proved to be false! Will the women who make such a false case get the same punishment as the rapist? Every time the male class is guilty, where is it justice to taint any one class by taking such a mentality? If seen on the ground level, the physical structure of a man is such that at the first sight, the primary cause of rape is considered to be men. If we look at the other aspects properly, the participation of women and provocative elements is no less. Our intellectual misfortune for Indian society is that the contagion of our new civilization is becoming the health of Western (Europe and America) cultural plight. Worse than that is that our mentality is of the same culturally backward society (according to the supporters of Western thought) and living habits, food and even clothing is a copy of the West. Neither are we able to reconcile and balance the two nor are we able to maintain our culture in a homogeneous way, largely due to the mindset of not taking the right decisions due to the turmoil and imbalance in our society, such as perversions such as rape and sexuality. Today Indian society is affected by the ill effects of.

The main reason for all this is Western markets. Who is the man to decide what a woman should wear or take off? Surely, in the wearing of clothes or dresses, the woman is the mistress of her own will and should also be !! It is a declaration of her being independent of his understanding, but the truth is contrary to the understanding of those poor women. The market decides what you wear or what not to wear, that determines which part of the woman is covered and how much. Which part should remain open !! He cuts the cultural inhibitions of women of Eastern society with the scissors of their sexual trade and determines their size. Even after this, the woman will say what to wear and what not to wear, my wish! So of course surprise and laughter comes on their conscience; What is her wish? He is just a consumer of the global market. She has a limited choice of freedom as consumption. She is considering it as her own freedom and will, what clothes to wear or not really should be related to discretion. Will is a deceitful word in the greed of the market in which the innocence of a woman is trapped !!

Europe and America are adopting Indian spirituality and yoga and we Indians are becoming culturally orphaned and irrational. As a result, incidents like adultery and rape in society and in comparison to countries are increasing day by day. The direct and obvious reason for this is that there is no harmony between the two cultures. Whether it is magazines or news channels around us today. Why be anchoring or advertising, where there is no need for a woman, they are also forcefully served in rage !! Doordarshan's old news anchor advertisements will be remembered !! Compare as per your discretion, the difference between today and tomorrow will become clear!

The truth is that by attacking the Indian society and culture in the name of modernity and openness, the Western market has basically paved the way for the porn industry where billions are invested. Today, in the name of Western Garments, there is nothing but nudity in the advertisements! That is why it is necessary to open up a woman in Indian society, it has just come to the lowest-waist, in the fast fashion market, the advertising media will fill the passion of Indian women who appear in porn movies, then forget the conscience and be in the time to come will determine the future. And then after an unpleasant incident like rape, we will come out with a crocodile tear for the candle march, and then we will raise the TRP of the TV channel.

In a nutshell, the future of the whole society is formed and deteriorated by mutual consent and harmony of women and men. Men have played an important role in improving the future of women. What women should play the role of men like Raja Rammohan Roy to end the root of Sati practice, Can you forget? Bhima had avenged the insult of the woman by tearing the chest of Dushasan, Draupadi did not enter the war with an arrow sword to avenge her insult. This is our world as much as women are of men! It has to be decorated together. A woman in every man, in every woman, is a man, by adopting the same Ardhanarishvara or male-female (Purush-Prakriti) principle, we can achieve the spiritual and physical and social goals in our lives by stopping the western influence mentality in society. The West can stop hateful misdeeds like rape by preventing the impact mentality Just as it is impossible to stop hateful misdeeds, it is impossible to expect it to be prevented by law. The male class must accept that the male class is being stigmatized by the increasing crime of rape! We should have no hesitation in saying (except for a few reasons) that we are the culprits of women, it is the moral obligation of us men to fight with those perverted mindless wolves.

How to know Kama (sex) from the astrological and spiritual point of view and how to make its work a spiritual transformation of energy?

Every Sanatan Hindu aspires to achieve four desired goals. This Purushartha called Artha, Dharma, Kama and Moksha is not only the subject of the Veda or Karma series but also the subject of astrology. The three bhava of the horoscope represent all these efforts. These are: Dharma 1,5,9 bhava, meaning 2,6,10 bhava, kama 3,7,10 bhava and moksha 8,4,12 bhava. The subject matter here is Kama, so I will discuss it here only. Kama bhava (3,7,10) in the horoscope represents maturity of marriage, regular sex life, spouse and love. In the natural horoscope, the number of Gemini is three, which the ancient masters have shown in nature as male-female love and sexual relationship, and the third place in the horoscope is considered to be seriousness, maturity, valour and love relationships. The character of the Jataka is revealed from a fourth of the horoscope. There are many other types of yoga -

some special planetary combination and position in the horoscope lead a woman either in compulsion or voluntarily towards prostitution.

Some other astrological yogas that are applicable to both men and women -

If the effect of these different planetary yogas is more than ill-effect in fourth place, lagna, eighth house and Mars has relation to Venus with the twelfth house. The mentality or tendency of the rape comes in the Jataka or Jātika. The Moon signifies the mental level of the person and represents the Guru wisdom. If the Moon and the Guru are affected and the above planets are becoming Yogas, then use the wisdom to manage and restrain yourself. It becomes difficult to do and even if it does unwanted wrongdoing.

(Such planets are numerous in Indian scriptures so that future apprehensions and mishaps can be prevented by getting the horoscope properly analysis and by practising remedies the distorted energy in the body can be brought to a balanced state; Contact for specific information and sex-related queries).

Its usefulness from the spiritual point of view and conversion of sex energy into spiritual energy -

According to the Tantra scripture of India, nature combined spirituality, sex and materiality in order to keep moving forward the sex of vaginal creation continuously and uninterrupted. Nature combines spirituality, work and materiality to have male and female sexual relationships Maya(delusion)is the one who is concerned with Spirituality, God and The biological form of the soul symbolizes the union. In another word, Male-female sex is the hallmark of sex, this relationship is a symbol of the union of God and spirit or soul through spiritualism. That is why the power of spirituality through sex energy achieve the state of samadhi because everyone knows that Lust is a natural tendency of the organism through which the organism expands its lineage and dynasty.In animals, lust is according to the season, but nature has made human beings do it free not only for pleasure but also for devloping spiritual energy by to bring sexual energy through the Muladhara Chakra to the Sahastrar Chakra by following celibacy through yoga and achieve 'Moksha'(Salvation) .By upwards this energy and converting it into spiritual energy one can achieve salvation,"The sexual bliss is the feeling of ecstasy of samadhi”.This is what has been addressed to the inner numinous sex by saying in hindu ancient scripture ( Vedas and Tantra shastra).Other hand this same unbalance sexual energy makes a man beast. animal this work makes the human being beast by distorting the energy and this work is done by energizing the energy (climbing up from the base and joining the last in the Sahasrara). In a nutshell,one can achieve the last goal of birth on the earth by mixing itself with the ultimate element (Sat + Chit + Anand).

Just think how much energy the simple semen that makes an organism, if found adaptable circumstances, will contain how much energy to transform into a divine body! Shiva Parvati talks about this topic.

Lord Shankar says to Parvati -

सिद्धेः बिन्दो महादेवी किं न सिदुयति भूतले
(Siddhe: Bindo Mahadevi or Siduyati Bhootle)

'O Parvati! After completion of semen protection, which of the desire for achievement cannot attained by the seeker, through the practice, the seekers who make their semen upward by going forward in the path of yoga become masters of many kinds of accomplishment, so that the Practitioner can attain salvation quickly.

By chanting worship -

जानुस्थ्वाम बाहुं च ज्ञानमुद्रापरं ह्दि | अध्यात्मचित्तमासीनं कदलीवनमध्यगम् | बालार्ककोटीप्रतिमं ध्‍यायेज्ञानप्रदं हरिम् ||
(Janusthavam Bahnu f Jnanamudraparan Hidi | Adhyatmachittamasinam Kadalivanam Madhyagam | Balarkotti Pratim Dhyananapradanam Harim ||)

“Hanuman ji’s left hand is placed on the knee. The right hand is situated in the knowledge posture and is attached to the heart. He is sitting in the Kadali forest (Banana tree forest) contemplating spirituality. His radiance is similar to that of the rising sunlight. One should pay attention to the knowledge giver Shri Hanuman ji.

(In this way one should chant at least 10000 of the following mantra while meditating the said posture of hanuman ji.To accomplish the complete mantra, one lakh times chanting the given mantra and dashansh havan should be done with sesame and honey including ghee).

“ॐ नमो हनुमंते मम मदनक्षोभं संहर संहर आत्मतत्वं दिखाते प्रकाशय प्रकाशय हुं फट् स्वाहा”
"Om Namo Hanumante Mama Madanakshobham Sanhar Sanhar Atmaatatvam Dikhate Prakashya Prakashya Hoon Phat Swaha "

Result-By accomplishing the complete mantra, the seeker will experience peace and spiritual awakening by converting the same disorder sex into spiritual sex energy. This is a proven experiment. I have seen many seekers benefiting from this.

The reason and diagnosis of excessive sexuality -

You will find every respectable issue and defence of women everywhere, but such an article for men anywhere! No, apart from this debate, I want to tell men that rape and obscence activity is also a mental illness that leads to terrible sexuality due to the malfunction or imbalance of various hormones in the body, whereby sometimes in the society, they have faced the situation of humiliation and gets tarnished. It is very important for men to take full attention and knowledge of it and to implement it. Different types of hormones affect the glands by different types of processes so that the level of a balanced and healthy mindset is maintained. Many times in society,we have seen that of any age, suddenly, there is an increase in obscence activity in men, which becomes more distorted and takes the form of rape. As such, hormone imbalance and deformity can occur in men and women of any age, but especially if a man's libido suddenly becomes severe after the age of 40 to 50 years, the root cause of it should be understood to increase the sex glands called prostatic glands.Stimulation increases badly in such men. Therefore, you have a humble request to people that if you see any such person in the society or around you, then definitely advise him to use some homeopathic medicines which I am giving here for information. (This medicine should be taken only after medical consultation only / These medicines are specially for men. https://jivansar.com/blog/category/sex-rape-with-astrological-aspects/ has been discussed in the context of women.).

After medical advice, the drug was used to correct the hormonal abnormality and will help in balancing the mind to make mental satisfaction. Thereby one can be getting rid of a possible problem. You avoid doing anything negative or wrong, it is in your interest otherwise a tarnished life or a noose may be waiting for the wrong doer because in the first approach the woman has nobody to blame. It is better to focus your attention towards creative work on some other side and Should restrain yourself.

Yogic experiment-

I am giving here a yogic experiment, which in my experience is a proven experiment. Whenever you feel a high desire for sex (desire for more sex inside), then throw the air filled in the lungs out forcefully, the more you can throw out, the better it is. Pull the navel and abdomen lightly in this way, thus the use of two to three times will ease the sex disorder and you will avoid any wrongdoing. Under this process, the inner air pulls down the sex forces from the bottom, throwing it out loud and out of the volume does not activate the sex centre in the Muladhara chakra and then by shrinking the stomach inwards it Empty space becomes to fill that empty space, near the sex centre, all the power goes inwards, which makes that space void. By using this, stomach diseases are also eradicated, relieve constipation and awaken spiritual power.

semen protector powder -

Some dried Amla seeds are separated and after peeling grind it perfectly and make it powder. Add twice the Mishree(rock sugar) powder to it. Now take one teaspoon of it every night at half an hour before bedtime. This powder thickens semen, eliminates constipation, eradicates the tremor of Vata, pitta phlegm and increases memory power and concentration by strengthening the brain muscles.

After getting up every morning, chew the basil leaves lightly with water and swallow it. Keep in mind that do not keep basil leaves in the mouth for too long because it contains a quantity of mercury that spoils the upper layer of teeth, so it is forbidden to chew it in the scriptures. Each day it is consumed on an empty stomach; immunity is increasing to help to restrain the same concentration and memory power increases. (Children studying must use these necessary.)

Avoid raw garlic-onions and more spicy food as much as possible, because of its excessive uses, the internal heat is also due to an increase. The sex energy takes distorted form. This was the main reason for avoiding onion-garlic food in our scriptures so that the seeker should avoid this aphrodisiac nature. Eating onion-garlic has no relation with belief or infidelity, it is forbidden only to perverted from Sadhna. (If any; Contact your personal sex-related problems, your personal problems will be kept completely confidential)

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