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Determining the nature of one’s profession or the source of income is very tough task for any astrologer because over time the types of job or business has changed a lot. Although in the astrology the types of business or job depends on the strength of the planets on the horoscope. Strong planet is capable of introducing the nature of profession . Therefore knowledge of the nature of the planet and strength of the planet is helpful in relevance of livelihood. Selection of profession between job and business is very important decision of life. There are many astrological planetray combination and yoga in horoscope which determine the nature of profession.

It is impossible to describe all principle yoga and different planetry combination so some basic astrological factor which determine the nature of profession.

Ascendant –

The strength of ascendant plays very important role,planets rising in the ascendant produce their own influence.The position of planet in the first house at moment of birth of a child influence his/her health,finance,career and fortune,affection and disposition throughout his/her earthly career.

10th house/lord -

The tenth house is the house of social status .10th house and its lord from ascendant Moon sign/Sun sign are very important for determine the nature of profession. The strength of 10 house and its lord also indicate authrority, social status ,name ,fame and source of livelihood . In addition to this represents our relation with the government and ruling elits also.

3rd house/lord -

This is the house of courage and oven confidence of the native. Initial profession life, risk taken in life are also indicted by 3rd house and its lord.

5th house/lord -

The strength of 5th house and its lord determine how much native have level of education intuition and creative mind,this house also represent sudden gain.

6th house/lord -

This house indicates loans from bank or from any other financial institutes, faces obstacle during business or job and the employers working under the native.

7th house/lord -

This house represents professional relationship and business, partnership, independent skilled or business. Daily source of income.

9th house/lord -

This is house of luck or fortune of the native, it is also indicate circulation of money, dignity of a person, foreign travels and government favors.

11th house/lord -

This is house of gain and how much income in one’s life. This house indicates long journey, business tour.

Planetary transition -

The nature of the profession also depends on the planetary period of Dasha and Antradasha. The dasha and antradasha of the native forces him for change in profession in a very drastic and dramatic way. Success in profession or career of the native also depends on strong or weak and favourable or unfavourable Dasha /Antradasha and also placement of the planet on the horoscope.

The divisional chart based on the 10th division of signs is called Dasamsa. Dasamsa deeply indicate about the profession or bussines.

Each sign divided in 10 equal parts.

If the sign is odd, the 10 parts of the sign go into the 10 consecutive signs starting from the sign itself.

If the sign is even, the 10 parts of the sign go into the 10 consecutive signs starting from the 9th sign.

Predication with dasamsa -

Dasamsa chart can identity region causing delays and momentary dissatisfaction in profession.

Dasamsa lagna shows renown related to vocation, Lagnesh shows mindset and purpose in work.

Dasamsa shows one’s professional actions as well as other activities in society related to hobbies and interests.

The 10th house in the Rasi chart is also important for judging career as it shows the physical karma of native.

The strength and placement in D10 of the 10th Rasi lord is an important factor when judging career.

If the 10th lord is in own sign or evaluation sign or a quadrant or a trive in d10 , one will have a good career.

In addition, we should look at the D10 placement of the planets involved in any Rajya yogas’ present in the Rasi chart.

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