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Astrologically, the human body is called Microcomos (Pindana) and possesses all the Tatwas present in the Macrocomos known as Bramhand. The Macrocomos consisting of entire cosmos which is encompassed with pancha bhootas namely Akas, Vayu, Agni, Jal, and Prithvi ( Ether, Air, Fire, Water and earth respectively).The different planets namely Jupiter, Satun, Sun and Mars, Moon and Venus and mercury are also assigned different Tatwas out of the five as given above respectively. These planets represent the different parts of the human body. When there is imbalance in the likelihood of different Tatwas and planets various disease arise. Infact before the advent of modern medical science, in ancient times the Physicians were advocated compulsory knowledge of astrology and relevances to various disease apart from administering the medicines on different lunar days and in different stellar days. In Ayurveda, the disease are classified in Tridosha.

Vata Dosha -

Vata dosha is responsible for all movement in the body.

Pitta Dosha -

Pitta dosha is responsible for all metabolic in the body.

Kapha Dosha –

Kapha dosha is responsible for all structure and lubrication in the body.

To help to diagnose the disease apart from Tridosha, the planets are assigned different disease by themselves. The rashi and Various stars are also assigned different disease. A various parts of the body with deep analysis not only the disease existing can identified but also the disease likely to be arise in future can also be known. From the birth chart of a native, it can be predicated that the native has a tendency leading to certain disease. The possibility of time of onset of the disease can also be predicted many years before which helps the native to take precautions to understand all phenomenon.

we must know as to how the human anatomy is reflected through the different house, the zodical sign and the planet

Forecasting health and disease from the horoscope of a native by different planetary combination in different house and sign.

Diseases due to combination of planets

लग्ने षष्ठाष्टमादीशौ रवीणा यदि सांस्थितौ । ज्वरगंड । कुंजे ग्रंथि: शस्त्रव्रणमतापिवा। बुधेन पित्त्त्ं गुरुणा रोगाभव्ं विनिदिर्शेत। स्त्रीभिश्शक्रेण शनीना वायुना संयुतौ यदि । गंडा शंच्डालकोनाभातम: केत्वोगृहे भयं। चन्द्रेणगंडसलिलै: कफश्लेष्मादीना भवेत केत्वोगृहे भयं। एवं पित्रादि भवानां तत्कारकयोगत: गंडे तेषां भवेदेवमूहमत्रमनीषिभि:।

If sixth and eight lords are in ascendant conjoins with Sun the native suffers fever, with Mars apendicities and surgery, with Mercury bilous diseases, with Jupiter no disease, with Venus sexual diseases. With Saturn diseases of Vayu prakrithi, with Rahu diseases at Nabhi, with Ketu fear from house-hold persons. With Moon, Jalaganda, danger from water and phlegmatic diseases. In this way, we can even adopt these principles to determine the diseases of various karakatwas, the father, mother, brother, wife etc. of the native from a given horoscope.

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